I have lived in Colorado for the past 14 years. I moved here from my home town of Vancouver, WA. Where in the heck is that you ask? Well, it’s just north of Portland, OR. I love art, movies, music, video games and football. Another big passion of mine is that I love to cook (which I have my grandma to thank for that). My wonderful wife Laura and I have been married for 11 years now and she can’t believe that I still don’t remember where we keep the spare light bulbs. She is equally bemused as to how I can remember a movie line from a movie that I saw once, fifteen years ago. We have a wonderful 4 year old son named Jonathan and people often wonder if I brewed him up in a cloning factory because not only does he look just like me, but he also has the same affinity that I do for laughing at stupid stuff.

Now, a little bit about my professional life. Back in the day I became a graphic designer. I knew I wanted to do this since high school. Ever since the high school janitor wanted me to design him a new logo for his martial arts dojo (no, I’m not making this up). This was the first time I was able to combine my love of drawing with design. Long story short, he was my very first (and very unusual) happy customer. Since then I have been designing print pieces for Midas, Big O and Chick-fil-A, just to name a few. Another aspect of why I love doing what I do is building relationships with people. Folks I would not have normally met under different circumstances. I guess the real reason why I love doing what I do is that I love making people happy.